Ninja Games

When it comes to video game enjoyment, there is very little that tops Ninja Games. First of all, they are incredibly challenging, and if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, you can’t go wrong with Ninja Games. But how do you find the great Ninja Games on PC? A quick internet search may bring you to dozens of results, but which ones will actually deliver? There are many, and this article aims to identify a handful of them for your enjoyment.

As mentioned above, there is a huge variety of Ninja Games available on the net. To make the hunt a little easier, we’ve gone ahead and compiled this list of 8 of our favorite ninja games for PC:

Warframe: Do you enjoy playing games where you get to take on the role of a specific character from a sci-fi universe? If so, warframe is probably not what you are looking for. It is a highly addictive action and role-playing game that lets you explore a sci-fi universe while playing as a highly customizable character (you can even change their facial appearance). If you want something a little different, however, the developer has you covered, too. You can choose to be a human ninja warrior, or a deadly, sneaky and stealthy ninja assassin.

Shadow of the Ninja: There is more to ninja’s than simply swinging a giant katana around. It requires a lot of stealth and a good deal of practice to become an effective ninja, and this game lets you experience that in spades. There are numerous shadow games, including one called Dark Tomorrow, where you play the role of a ninja and learn the art of stealth and melee combat. This game puts you in the shoes of a Japanese assassin, blending in with the darkness and moving silently to achieve your mission.

Metal Gear Solid V: This game lets you play as Snake, a cyborg-special forces soldier. You will have a lot of opportunities to get into stealth mode and blend in with the environment. A couple of other weapons and power ups also come in very handy and mastering each one will give you a much better grasp on how to level up and gain skills. Some of these weapons include the Ninja Stick and Ninja Gun. The stealth techniques are especially interesting, because you can move at extremely fast speeds and sneak up on your targets without being seen.

Splatterhouse: Splatterhouse is a unique version of ninja games for PC, with an adorable cast of characters. A group of children were kidnapped, and you must rescue them by performing tasks like cleaning their house and getting chores done for them. By completing these simple jobs, you earn points that, when combined with the stars scattered across the screen, will result in the rescue of your kidnapped kids. The game is a fun time while you practice your shadow tactics and learn how to use Ninja Stars. The best ninja games for PC feature hidden object scenes, making them very challenging.